Naturopathie animale : soins naturels pour animaux

Animal naturopathy: natural care for animals

Mar 31, 2023

Animal naturopathy: natural care for animals

What is naturopathy ?

First of all, naturopathy is above all a gentle and natural approach. In fact, it aims to treat minor ailments and major dysfunctions in the body. It is there to prevent, to pamper our well-being, but also to treat different problems. Animal naturopathy combines perfectly with medicinal treatments, providing comfort and boosting their effectiveness. It also focuses on the magic of self-healing. Finally, unlike traditional medicine, it takes the time to listen, to treat the individual as a whole, seeking the root cause of the problems.

Natural remedies in naturopathy

Naturopathy is full of treasures. There we find homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, gentle Bach Flowers, and so many other wonders. With the vagaries of our time, a return to basics is taking place. Consequently, natural care for animals becomes obvious, both for us and for our beloved animals.

Animal naturopathy in detail

Our animals, our faithful companions, also deserve the best. Animal naturopathy therefore extends to them: our purring cats, our happy dogs, our majestic horses and all the others. In France, it is a small revolution, but some countries have already adopted this approach for years. Repeated vaccinations, chemical parasiticides... all of this can take a toll on the health of our four-legged friends. The animal naturopath is there to advise a healthy, adapted diet and offer natural solutions for their well-being.

Why choose animal naturopathy?

Our animals, with their skin-deep sensitivity, are incredibly receptive to gentle methods. Natural remedies can help them in many situations: irritated skin, wheezing, temperamental digestion. And naturopathy, with its gentleness, can also prevent certain disorders, such as joint stiffness in our old doggies.

Animal naturopathy: natural care for animals

When to consult a veterinarian?

Although natural care is ingenious, our animals cannot express themselves in words; However, certain signs should concern us:

  • Vomiting or diarrhea: If it persists for more than 24 hours.
  • Lack of appetite: Worrying if it lasts more than a day.
  • Fatigue or lethargy: Sudden change in behavior or energy.
  • Breathing problems: Excessive panting, coughing, or difficulty breathing.
  • Difficulty moving: Limping or noticeable stiffness.
  • Unusual discharge: From the eyes, ears or nose, especially if they are smelly.
  • Fever: Hot or down animal.
  • Or any other concerns not mentioned.

Faced with these symptoms, consult a veterinarian quickly.

Animal naturopathy: natural care for animals

Important information about animal naturopathy

It is essential to note that natural pet care, although it offers a gentle and natural approach, does not replace the skills and expertise of a veterinarian. In addition, in France, the animal naturopath is a caring guide, an advisor. Furthermore, he provides valuable advice, but always respecting veterinary decisions and diagnoses. It does not make a diagnosis and does not modify a treatment prescribed by a veterinarian. As an example, if your cat is showing symptoms of kidney disease, the naturopath may suggest herbal supplements to support kidney function, but this should always be in addition to the primary treatment prescribed by the veterinarian.

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