new birth

Chienalafolie was born in a moment of reconstruction and personal evolution. During a very difficult moment combining anxiety, post-traumatic shock and depression, I wanted to adopt a puppy so that I no longer felt alone.

Our history

As soon as he arrived, a deep healing began in my condition in general. Now having become a strong believer in accompanied therapy, I have become passionate about dogs.
They are sincere, loyal, patient, affectionate and overwhelm you with unconditional love. The whole family is grateful that he is by our side.

Our mission

The future is built on our present actions. So it's important for us to be there for you. You help give our faithful friends all the love, the joy, the time necessary by being actively present physically and mentally for them. In our shop you will find articles to inform you and quality accessories that are necessary for their health, well-being and development. It's up to us to show them how madly we love them.

Dog ball - Plushbouncy™

USB charging

Cyclic charging of the lithium battery, avoiding battery replacement. Fully charged in 3 hours, usable for 1 hour.


The toy sings and attracts the dog's attention even more. Several integrated music available.


In speaking mode, the dog ball will verbally repeat what is said to it.